Cocamide MEA (CMEA)

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Cocamide MEA, CMEA,

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EAplus® CMEA

Cocamide MEA

 EAplus® CMEA is cocamide MEA in flake form. It is an excellent co-surfactant for both cosmetic and detergent applications. It is capable of enhancing the foam, in terms of boosting the volume and stabilizing it against the detrimental effects of hard water and soap. It can also be used to aid the dissolution or emulsification of oils and other hydrophobic ingredients in formulations as well as helping to remove greasy soils in cleaning applications.

Trade Name: EAplus® CMEA     pdficonTDS
INCI: Cocamide MEA
CAS RN.: 68140-00-1
Amide content: 85% min.
Glycerol content: Appr 10.5%

Product Tags

Cocamide MEA, CMEA,

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