Cocamide Methyl MEA (CMMEA)

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Cocamide Methyl MEA, CMMEA,

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Cocamide Methyl MEA

EAplus® CMMEA is a unique alkyl alkanol typed nonionic mild surfactant. It is fatty alkanolamide derived from renewable vegetable oils. It is an excellent viscosity builder and foam booster and offers performance much better than standard cocoamide DEA and cocamide MEA.

EAplus® CMMEA acts as a good booster. It has excellent foam stabilizing ability and quick foaming ability while combine with silicone or other grease. The liquid appearances make it easy to use. It is clear liquid and cold-mixable. It offers better finished product stability at low temperature up to -14°C. EAplus® CMMEA is normally used in anionic-based cleansers like shampoos, facial cleansing creams, hand washes and body cleansers.


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Cocamide Methyl MEA, CMMEA,

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