Methyl Ester Sulphonate (MES)

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Sulfonated methyl esters, MES, SME

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Sulfonated methyl esters (SME、MES)

Sulfonated methyl esters, synthesized from renewable plant resources, are an example of green surfactants used in eco-friendly washing detergents. Its primary use is as a substitute to the current surfactant workhorse, Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, in detergent formulas. It is made from renewable natural resources, which gives it excellent bio-degradability, improved calcium hardness tolerance during the washing process, and superior detergency.

Available in dry free-flowing powder, flakes and paste. Sulfonated methyl esters powder grade enables direct addition to detergent formulas in the post-addition step in the manufacturing process.

Characteristics Sulnate® SME-60     pdficonTDS Sulnate® SME-70     pdficonTDS
Appearance@25℃ Light Yellow Powder Light Yellow Powder
Color (Klett in 5% solution) 70 max 70 max
Active, % 58-62 68-72
Moisture Content (%) 5 max 5 max
pH ( 10% a.q.) 4-7 4-7


Product Tags

Sulfonated methyl esters, MES, SME

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