Alkyl polyglucoside C8~C16 series


Alkyl glucoside C8~C16 series (APG0814) is a sort of non-ionic surfactant with comprehensive properties. It is regenerated from natural glucose which derived from corn starch and fatty alcohols which derived from palm cornel oil and coco nut oil, through a process of one-step direct synthesis. It has the characteristics of most common non-ionic and anionic surfactants. With high surface activity, alkyl glycoside C8~C16 series (APG0814) has good ecological safety and miscibility, in terms of ecological safety, irritation and toxicity. It is almost the best surfactant compared with others, and it is an international recognized as the preferred green, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable functional surfactant.

Alkyl glucoside C8~C16 series (APG0814) has good properties, such as mild on stimulation of the eyes, soft effect on the skin, so it is widely used in personal care products. For example, Shampoo, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer and bath lotion. The trade name in Brillachem are Maiscare® BP 2000 and Maiscare® BP 818 whcih is designed for personal care industries.

Alkyl glucoside C8~C16 series (APG0814) has strong alkali resisitance and compatible in electrolyte solutions with good solubility, permeability and compatibility, non-corrosive to a variety of materials. Alkyl glucoside C8~C16 series (APG0814) has no trace after washing in hard surface and no stress cracking, it’s also suitable for household cleaning, industrial hard surface cleaning, textile industry with alkali-resistant refining agent, oil extraction foaming agent. The trade name in Brillachem are Ecolimp® BG 650, Ecolimp® BG 425N,Ecolimp® BG 420.


Post time: Feb-19-2022