Alkyl polyglucoside C12~C16 series

(APG 1214)

Lauryl glucoside (APG1214) is the same as other alkyl polyglucosides which are not pure alkyl monoglucosides, but a complex mixture of alkyl mono-, di”,tri”,and oligoglycosides. Because of this, the industrial products are called alkyl polyglycosides. The products are characterized by the length of the alkyl chain and the average number of glycose units linked to it, the degree of polymerization. 

Lauryl glucoside (APG1214) exhibits good emulsifying, cleansing and detergency properties, because of itself combines the both of properties of non-ionic and anionic surfactants. excellent compatibility. it is suitable for use in manual diswashing formulations as well as for the manufacture of laundry detergents and a variety of cleaning products. also, Lauryl glucoside (APG1214) possesses good dermatological compatibility and synergistic viscosity enhancing effects. Lauryl glucoside suitable as a co-surfactant especially as emulsifier in cosmetic surfactant cleansing preparations. 

The trade name in Brillachem are Ecolimp® BG 600 is designed for household and II and Maiscare® BP 1200 is designed for personal care industries. 

Ecolimp BG 600 & Maiscare BP 1200


Post time: Mar-09-2022